Trail Update

December 15th - the majority of our trail system was groomed this week except for our northern most route (Horseshoe Bend) & (Ridgeroad Shelter).  The upcoming cold weather should help freeze up the Torch so we can groom our north trail.  Trail marking is underway.   Our newest shelter edition "Legacy Shelter" will be moved to its location south of Nipawin on Saturday December 18th.  There is a bit more work to do on this site, building bathroom, woodshed etc.  This will be completed in the early part of the new year.

Snow conditions are good with anywhere from 8" to 12" depending on where you are riding.

Old Ridge Road Shelter Reno in progress..... 

geriatric crew2.heic
Geriatric Crew 1.heic

It was getting a little chilly!  Geriatric Crew enjoying some "heat"!

Our club grooms 256 KM of trail and maintains 5 warm up shelters.

All of our shelters have the same look, with three larger shelters and two slightly smaller.

Thank you to our three Major Shelter Sponsors

Thank you to all our Shelter Friends for the donations, discounts, gifts in kind!

trail marking4.jpg
trees down.jpg

Bush Trails Are Beautiful But They Can Be Alot of Work!

Recruiting for members with strong hearts and below the age of 60!

trail marking6.jpg
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