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Trail Update

January 31/2022 - Snow, snow and more snow, wind, wind and more wind!  Our grooming crew is trying to stay ahead of the snow and wind but it has been a difficult task.  The wind has made it very difficult for us to keep our open trails from drifting.  The grooming crew tries to groom towards mid week depending on forecast.  This year we are also doing some grooming for the Torch River Riders snowmobile club in Choiceland. Tons of snow to get stuck in if you like adventure!

Old Ridge Road Shelter Reno is now complete and is now the Legacy Shelter 

geriatric crew2.heic
Geriatric Crew 1.heic

It was getting a little chilly!  Geriatric Crew enjoying some "heat"!

Legacy Outside.jpg

Our club grooms 256 KM of trail and maintains 5 warm up shelters.

All of our shelters have the same look, with three larger shelters and two slightly smaller.

Thank you to our three Major Shelter Sponsors

Thank you to all our Shelter Friends for the donations, discounts, gifts in kind!

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Bush Trails Are Beautiful But They Can Be Alot of Work!

Recruiting for members with strong hearts and below the age of 60!

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Our 5 Shelters

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